Satamap is fine tuning management and boosting profitability

Up to date, applied satellite imagery for agriculture available NOW!

3+ million hectare tile $99/month or $990 p.a.

10m pixels now available

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Smarter footprints in the field is our mission.

Whether targeting crop inspections, year on year comparisons, or assisting in regional forecasting, Satamap will improve the way you manage your agribusiness.

We apply our unique vegetation index to maximise information extraction along side the natural colour equivalent image - all in a tablet friendly web application.

Don't get left behind

Agronomists, farmers, grain traders and supply companies, to name a few all benefit from high value, large area that Satamap covers. You are never limited by paddock boundaries. If it falls under a tile in your subscription you have the opportunity to see a new image every 16 days depending on cloud.

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Australia Wide

Satamap provides access to up to date satellite imagery for all cropping regions of Australia on a sixteen day cycle.

Web based interface

Our simple map builder makes it easy to analyse maps in a familiar interface.

Imagery archive

All imagery is archived and available for comparison at any time.

GPS ready

On a GPS enabled device Satamap shows your position on the image. Designed for ground truthing.

Direct image comparison

Compare any two selected images with a simple slider. The colour scale remains the same for all date for direct comparison.

Map features

Major towns, roads and waterways rendered over imagery.


The Satamap Vegetation Index has advantages over NDVI such as higher saturation threshold.

Data representation (colour ramp)

Our unique colour ramp clearly shows in crop variability from emerging dryland crops to high biomass irrigated crops in the same image.

more features the future

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