Satamap & PCT: do more with imagery in PCT

Starting this season, users with a current Satamap subscription can access imagery inside Precision Crop Technology (PCT)’s online AgCloud and iPad app AgMap.

Importing Satamap imagery into the PCT platform allows you to view data scaled across individual paddocks and generate variable rate maps, plus more.

There is a one off fee of $100 per grower to setup your account with PCT which includes importing your paddock boundaries as this does take some work. Once set up, as long as your Satamap subscription is current you can use the Satamap Importer to load up the latest satellite imagery (and old imagery too!).

PCT has been providing services to agriculture in Australia and internationally since 2001. PCT offer several other quality precision agriculture tools inside the above mentioned applications.

If you are already a Satamap Subscriber and interested in using AgCloud or AgMap please fill out this form.

If you would like to subscribe to Satamap, starting at $99 / month please click here.

There will be a followup post with more specifics on using Satamap data inside AgCloud and AgMap.

Satamap data stretched across individual paddocks in PCT’s AgCloud


Defining zones for variable rate urea prescription map using Satamap data in AgCloud

An older tweet showing what the AgMap iPad app looks like: